Can I get a Trial?

Yes, we offer a 7 day Trial.

We do not provide trial access nor trial licenses to Alteryx or Bloomberg. We suggest you contact your Bloomberg representative and Alteryx representative to obtain access and arrange a trial of their respective software products.

How much does it cost?

We find most solutions are bespoke. Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote.

Do you offer help setting it up?

We have getting started videos, but send us an email if you are stuck.

How do I get started?

Select a Trial. Download the software and follow the instructions. Make sure you are logged into Bloomberg. Drag out the Connector on to the Alteryx Canvas and start querying data.

What are the minimum requirements?

You must have a valid Alteryx license and a valid Bloomberg license.

Is any special hardware required?

No, it will run inside of Alteryx. Alteryx and Bloomberg are Windows based. It will also run inside of a virtualization program such as Parallels on a Mac. We suggest a minimum of 8GB of RAM, but we opt for 16GB or more when using both Alteryx and Bloomberg. We also let Alteryx manage the memory and don’t override or constrain it for better performance.

What if I get an error of missing .dll files?

MSVCP100/120/140.dll is a constituent file of the Visual C++ Redistributable Package required to run C++ applications. To install the Bloomberg Connector, you’ll need to have msvcp100/120/140.dll and vcruntime.dll present under C->Windows->System32. If absent, please download the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages from here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 depending on the bit version of your Windows OS and run the downloaded executable file.

What Bloomberg Fields are available?

All API fields are available. This is tens of thousands of fields available to Alteryx for analytics. Of course, not all fields will work for each instrument.

What functionality is missing?

We plan to add asset-type filtering in the next release.

What limitations will I encounter?

Currently, our limitations are more with the HTML SDK in Alteryx. But, we have a great relationship with Alteryx and are working to resolve those since we all are striving for excellent user experiences. Remember, we built this tool for ourselves and use it daily. Your pain is our pain.

Will I hit my data limits in Bloomberg?

That depends on your use case. We follow and expect users of this tool to follow Bloomberg’s licensing requirements. One way to avoid unnecessary data hits is to cache the query results by selecting the toggle when building a new query. This will store the results in memory for an hour while you design and run your queries.

Can I get expert help with my workbook?

Yes, we are experts in Bloomberg, Alteryx and Tableau. If we can help you quickly find a solution, we will do our best. However, if it looks involved, we offer premium services.

What other Connectors are planned?

Obviously, we want to focus and spread the word with the Alteryx Bloomberg Connector. This was by far the most complex. We have requests for other Connectors in the Fintech vertical and will create those as demand and time dictates.

How do I get assistance? 

See our growing list of examples. Also, the Alteryx Community is an excellent resource.

I notice I need to run the EQS to load it, why doesn’t the cache work like other tools in Alteryx?

This is something we and Alteryx are aware of. Unfortunately, you need to run the EQS first while building your workflow. You could select cache on to avoid repeated data hits on Bloomberg.

Will the Connector work with Macros?

Yes, we have built several.

What functionality is available in the Connector?
Live, Historical, Intraday Bar, Intraday Tick, and Equity Screen queries. Streaming data is not available. However, a live query will certainly query updating data and snapshot it into the workflow.

Will the Connector work on more than one machine?

This is a single use license for one machine.

What if I encounter a software bug?

We hate software bugs and do our best to ensure clean builds. If you encounter one, send us an email describing the issues and we will remedy it quickly. 

Do you have a formal document discussing cyber risks with the ABC Connector?

While we don't have a formal document since candidly we have focused on building this product, it is something we and our organization take very seriously. We are using this tool internally, so we have similar concerns our users would about cyber risks.

The Connector is written in C++ 11 using the Bloomberg and Alteryx SDKs.

The Installer is written in Pascal and it's used to copy the necessary files on the user's machine and the Windows installable application written in C++.

Once run, it will store the user login credentials and machine's MAC address in the configuration file (on the user desktop) in encrypted form, using our proprietary encryption logic.

At the first install, and at regular intervals (depending on the usage frequency), a web call will be made to our server to validate the license. (If needed, we can provide our server IP used to validate the license and that can be white-listed in your environment).

Apart from the above, which protects our intellectual property, our Connector sits natively on the user's machine, talks to Bloomberg and Alteryx locally and no data from the user's machine is being transferred to us. We also do not capture any user requests, so whatever work is being done is constrained within the user's environment.

What are the acceptable formats for different security identifiers and instruments types in the ABC Connector?

Security Identifiers:

Identifier Type Identifier Description ABC Connector Format Examples
CUSIP Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures /cusip/<cusip #> /cusip/52467X856
SICOVAM Société Interprofessionnelle pour la Compensation des Valeurs Mobilières /sicovam/<sicovam #> /sicovam/012964
SEDOL Stock Exchange Daily Official List /sedol/<sedol #> US Equity /sedol/2046251 US Equity
ISIN International Securities Identification Number /isin/<isin #> Equity /isin/US0378331005 Equity
FIGI Financial Instrument Global Identifier /figi/<figi #> US Equity /figi/BBG000B9XRY4 Equity
Common The nine-digit identification number assigned by Cedel and Euro Clear /common/<common #> Equity /common/009718834 Equity
WPK Winpak /wpk/<wpk #> Equity /wpk/865985 Equity
BSID Bloomberg Security Identifier /bsid/<bsid #> /bsid/399432471918

Instrument Types:

Instrument Type ABC Connector Format Examples
Equities Ticker Exchange Equity AAPL US Equity
Options Ticker US MM/DD/YY/ <P/C> Strike Price Equity AAPL US 01/19/18 C180 Equity
Preferred Ticker Pfd SOJB Pfd
Mortgage Ticker Mtge ACCR 07-1 M9 Mtge
Currency <Country’s Currency Code> Curncy USD Curncy
Currency <Country’s Currency Code> Curncy USDINR Curncy (To get conversion rate)
Govt <Govt ID #> Govt 912828P2 Govt